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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trading Spaces

Hello there!  It is Jessica from Hanging Out in First here and I have come to hang out with you today!

A few of us have gathered together for Trading Spaces Tuesday.  That means that we have all swapped places for the day!  I want to thank Amy for having me. It is an exciting opportunity to be a guest blogger and to get the opportunity to "meet" all of you!

I wanted to share a little about guided reading and goal setting with you today.  Guided reading is something that I have done with my firsties for quite some time, but goal setting is a completely different story!

Are you required to have students track their own progress and learning?  Set goals for themselves?  This is a newer thing in our school that they are requiring of everyone.  Our upper level teachers have kinda always done it through learning portfolios and graphing and what not.  But my challenge this year has been to figure out how to get my firsties to track their own learning and to understand how to set reasonable goals.  Seems like a very difficult task!!  Firsties are still learning that they have control over their learning and that they need to be responsible for it.  To have them responsible for tracking it is yet another difficult skill to teach them! is what I came up with.  This guided reading student goal setting chart has all of the levels A-Z listed.  I simply have students color in the space that they are starting on (at the beginning of first grade, most of my kids start around level C or D).  Then in my reading conferences with my students, we discuss where that student should be within the next month or two (we do it each advisory).  This becomes the student's goal.  The next advisory, they color where they are and see if they have met their goal. Then we set a new goal!  I have been using this all year and it seems to be working.  My students have an easy visual of where they are and they can see if they have met their goal. If they meet their goal, they get an award during that advisory's assembly!

You can grab it for free here!

This is also a great tracking device for myself.  I am able to better track where my students are in their guided reading so that I can pull appropriate materials for them.  And I can share it with my students' parents so that they can see their child's progress!

I hope that you can find ways to use it too!

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