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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Okay, so it only makes sense that I share my good news with y'all.  I sold my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers today!  I am a fairly new shop owner there, and I have been waiting (somewhat impatiently my husband says) for my first product to sell.  My oldest daughter has been watching me make products and fine-tune the blog.  She asks every day, "Did you sell anything yet?  Did we make a million?"  Notice how "I" am the single seller, but when it comes to money, all of a sudden her pronouns turn to "we."  It was very fitting that she was the one who saw the icon come up on my iPhone that said I had sold something.  She also told me I get to have the "You Are Special" plate.  I bought one a few years ago and use it for my girls when they have accomplished something.  Tonight, I got to use it!

I am also celebrating the fact that the new design on the blog was custom made by me!  Now I know that it looks homemade, but hopefully, this is the first step in creating a blog that is fantastic looking and not paying too much money to get it!  My new favorite web tool is PicMonkey.  There are some great blogs out there that show you how to use it.  Using the website and some great tutorials, I made the background that you see and the header all by myself (can't stress that enough)!  I have, for now, used all of the free tools, but may pay to upgrade later on.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have a great week all!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Design Issues

Okay for those one or two of you following me, here is the latest.  I spent much of Saturday trying to spice up my blog.  I look at all of the others out there, and am amazed at all of the extras that are on their pages.  I have to say I have blog envy!

I know that I could spend some money and get all of the headers, buttons, and paraphernalia that I need to make my blog ever so pretty.  There are two things holding me back.  1.)  I very much like to think I can do almost anything if I work at it enough (feeling the need to practice what I keep telling me students and my own children).  2.)  I am being a complete cheapskate!

In all of my hours spent on Saturday, I have to say I learned much valuable information.  I learned the difference between a background and a template.  I learned much about all of extras you can add to your blog like, post dividers, signatures, and such.  I also learned that I want mine to be cute!  I scrapbook, so I can definitely be creative.

So what I need to know is what sites have you used to build your blog?  What would be good for me to check out?  Keep in mind, I am in the infancy stage of building a blog.  Thoughts?  Anyone?  Bueller?