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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Design Issues

Okay for those one or two of you following me, here is the latest.  I spent much of Saturday trying to spice up my blog.  I look at all of the others out there, and am amazed at all of the extras that are on their pages.  I have to say I have blog envy!

I know that I could spend some money and get all of the headers, buttons, and paraphernalia that I need to make my blog ever so pretty.  There are two things holding me back.  1.)  I very much like to think I can do almost anything if I work at it enough (feeling the need to practice what I keep telling me students and my own children).  2.)  I am being a complete cheapskate!

In all of my hours spent on Saturday, I have to say I learned much valuable information.  I learned the difference between a background and a template.  I learned much about all of extras you can add to your blog like, post dividers, signatures, and such.  I also learned that I want mine to be cute!  I scrapbook, so I can definitely be creative.

So what I need to know is what sites have you used to build your blog?  What would be good for me to check out?  Keep in mind, I am in the infancy stage of building a blog.  Thoughts?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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