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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reading Theme This Year

In my younger years, I decorated my third grade classroom in very bright colors.  I always tried to keep it different from year to year (more for me not getting worn out on the same thing year after year), but always stuck to bright colors and making the room attractive.  It never occurred to me to find plan out my classroom according to a theme.

Flash forward some 16 years later, and I have finally gotten on board with a themed idea.  When I first changed jobs two years ago to be a reading specialist, I knew that I would be working children pretty hard in their reading skills.  My philosophy has always been to work and have fun in the process.  So, I wanted to make the room and student incentives as fun as possible.  I went to my local teacher store and saw some RAD (totally 80's word) girl and boy electric guitar players.  The words "Read Like a Rock Star" instantly came to me.  I had so much fun thinking about and finding items that fit my theme.

Last year, my theme was "Wild About Reading."  Monkeys were everywhere in the room!

So this year, I have been thinking and thinking about what I would like my theme to be.  I have decided to use . . . . . . . . . . .  (do you hear a drum roll in the background?)  "Reading is So Delicious!"  When I talk about being delicious, I am not talking about healthy food delicious, I am talking Willy Wonka delicious!  I have yet to decide on a color scheme for this.  However, I love this new line by creative teaching press!

I do really like this color scheme.  I don't admit this to many people because my good friends make fun of me when I do, but my favorite color is BROWN!  I just think it is a very soothing color.  I think I a winner!

What themes or ideas do you use to decorate your classrooms?

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