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Monday, July 22, 2013

Manic Monday

Today it hit me!  I finally started to realize exactly how much of the summer was left, and how much I still hope to get done.  I know that I am not alone when it comes to summer plans.  I know that there are others of you out there who plan many more "to do" summer projects than you will ever have time for.  (Please say I'm not the only one)!  I love this book for organizing your life.  It is written with love and humor for all of us perfectionist control freaks!  (Again, please say I am not the only one)!

Project #5262  is to paint my younger daughter's bedroom.  She want green with pink polka dots.  I finally picked up a sample of the color I think I will use, but I want to try it on the wall first before I commit to a whole gallon. ( A little glimpse for those of you that don't know me well into my OCD side).  I'll try to take some before and after pictures.

Also in a hopeless end of summer do all I can now because time is going to fast kind of way, I started to think about meal planning for the fall.  I seriously have mini anxiety attacks when I hear "What's for dinner?"  My oldest will have softball at least twice a week with games on Saturday.  My youngest will have cheerleading twice a week, religious ed once a week, and games to cheer for on Saturday.  I can almost already smell the french fries from McDonald's that we will have to get every other night running here and there if I don't do something now.  (Not to mention the impact the fries will have on my thighs)! So, I put together a little calendar for the month of August:

Monday:  Italian
Tuesday:  Chicken
Wednesday:  Soup/Salad
Thursday:  Pasta (my husband's night to cook while I work on blogging business and such)
Friday:  Beef/Pork
Saturday:  Fish
Sunday:  leftovers

I then made a weekly menu with a shopping list to help me prepare for the upcoming week.  I could have found one and downloaded it, but I just made one myself with the colors and style I like.  (Again hello, OCD)!  Here it is.  Click it to download and have your own copy (Google Docs).

My other "to do" projects were to read about every professional book out there on reading and the Common Core Standards.  I am confessing that I started one, but did not finish it.  I need and very much want to finish it.  Here is the book:

I am going to post on this (and other professional books in the future) every Monday.  If you would like to, please read the book along with me and post your own thoughts about it!  I would love to eventually turn this into a linky party, but since I don't have that many followers yet, it might be worth it to wait a bit.  (Please tell me if I should go ahead, bite the bullet and do it)!  The chapters are short and easy to follow.  Here is the reading schedule that I will be attempting to follow (notice the word attempt).

July 29 - Chapters 1 & 2
August 5 - Chapter 3
August 12 - Chapter 4
August 19 - Chapter 5
August 26 - Chapters 6 & 7
September 2 - Chapters 8 & 9
September 9 - Chapters 10 & 11

I have some ideas for books after this one, but if there is one that you have been dying to read, let me know and we can add that to the list!

Happy Manic Monday everyone!

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