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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Storybook Saturday

I have seen other blogs link up to Paula's Place with her Storybook Saturday link up, but have never posted there.  I love picture books and the way you can use them to teach reading strategies.  So, this linky party is a great find if you are looking for some great picture books and how to use them!

I am sharing an oldie, but goodie.  Not too many people seem to know about this one.

The book is written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault and illustrated by Ted Rand.  Okay, maybe I love this book so much because I grew up riding horses and yes have even been to a rodeo.  I may love it because of my background.  I promise you, read it and you will love it too!

The story is about a child and father talking right before the father is about to ride one of the meanest, toughest bulls there is:  White Dynamite!  The child is so nervous while the father is riding that the child chants about places to keep it calm.  I won't give away the ending because it is precious (and great for talking about stereotypes)!

The language is a great tool to teach the students.  The book has a sort of poetic feel to it as you read it.  You can't help but almost sing the words.  You can also talk about the contrast between the child and the father and how they speak and relate to each other, great for character study.  By golly, you can also even teach geography with the book as the child chants about all the places and locations!

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