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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Conferences, Blog Hops, and Dinners, Oh My!

Last week, we had conferences on Thursday.  Last night we had day 2 of conferences, and tomorrow is Day 3 of conferences.  I hope that on Friday I can manage to get through the day forming almost complete sentences!

On top of conferences, I am getting reading to participate in my first Blog Hop.  I am really excited!  One of the reasons I chose to take on this blogging endeavor was to branch out and learn from others.  I am in a building where I have been the only reading specialist (until this year, I have 1 hour of a reading teacher for help).  I sometimes feel like an island, so it is so nice to hear from the blogs that I stalk that others are going through the same problems, conundrums, and celebrations as I am!  This Blog Hop has been a great way to get to know others in a similar position as me!  I am hoping to go from stalking to blog buddies!

And what can I say about dinners?  I am thankful for a husband that can cook pasta.  I am also thankful that we live less than 5 minutes from a Portillo's (you Chicago people will know what I am talking about).  And I can't say enough about pizza delivery.  My mom has 5 sisters and 2 brothers.  All of my aunts know how to cook very well.  I even have an aunt named Betty Crocker!  I kid you not!  My wonderful mother said she had a great present for me one Christmas.  She said it was a book filled with all of our family recipes.  I was so touched that she had taken the time to write them down and share them with me.  When I opened it, I saw that it was an organizer of take-out menus from all of the places that my husband and I love.  What can I say, the woman has a sense of humor!

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