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Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Kinds of Sales

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know that spending time with family was much needed on my end.  Those well-deserved breaks seem to come at the exact right moment.

Quite a hectic November in the Steed household.  My husband rolled his ankle a couple of weeks ago.  He has a big ole' boot and crutches.  The poor guy's foot is about a million shades of purple, from both sides of his ankle down to his toes.  It is even purple on the bottom of his foot.  Luckily it is not broken, but there is some chipped bone.  He is quite the superhero.  Even with his bum foot, he was able to carry our Christmas tree up from the basement!  Love that guy!!

Enough about me and my woes, I also have some good news to share!  First Teachers Notebook is running a sale.  It started November 30th and it runs until December 2nd (always behind the 8 ball).  My whole shop is 20% off.  They have some amazing deals going on!

And last, would you like to take advantage of shopping in your pjs and not leaving the house?  Well, fill up your cart at Teachers Pay Teachers!  They are having a Cyber Monday Sale on Monday and Tuesday.  I already have my wish list prioritized....... do you?  Click the picture below to take you to my store!

Thanks to Jen Jones at Hello Literacy for the cute button!!  You can get up to 28% off if you enter the check-out code:  CYBER.

Tomorrow is back to school and the chaos that is December.  Are y'all ready to tackle it?

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