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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Lot of Nothing

Wow, to say that I have been busy would be an understatement!  I can really understand how hard it is to get back into things full time and then also find time to do something other than sit in a corner and rock back and forth!

Kewanee was a blast, and I even managed to get a few things done on Labor Day!
Tuesday found me after school was over with the following routine:
1.  Pick up youngest from after care.
2.  Take youngest to Religious Ed.
3.  Pick up oldest from after care (couldn't pick her up earlier because she has running club)
4.  Get oldest dinner at Jimmy John's.
5.  Oldest eat dinner and start on homework.
6.  Pick up youngest from RE.
7.  Take youngest to cheer leading.
8.  Take oldest to softball.
9.  Pick up youngest from cheer leading.
10.  Get youngest dinner.
11.  Youngest homework and ready for bed.
12.  Pick up oldest from softball.
13.  Help oldest with homework and put both to bed.
14.  OH YEAH, don't forget to prepare for the presentation that you are giving to your staff in the morning (with the copy machine being broken before I left so I couldn't make copies)!

Now you may understand the whole sitting in a corner, drooling, and rocking back and forth (forgot to mention the drooling)!  Luckily, I have a great husband who does more than his part running the kids from here to there.  We don't believe in overextending our kids, but it seemed that Tuesday was the day that worked for everything!

The presentation went well, and I spent the rest of the day assessing students in grades 4 and 5 on the Benchmark Assessment System from Fountas and Pinnell, and then 1st grade students on our district 227 sight words.

Thursday was our Benchmarking Day.  We use this day to "sweep" the whole school by doing various assessments.  Grades 2-5 did a fluency assessment from Aimsweb, 1st grade did a letter sounds assessment from Aimsweb, and Kindergarten did various assessments from Aimsweb and ISEL (Illinois Snapshot of Early Literacy).  It took all day, but it is wonderful getting all of that data on students.  That means I am one step closer to finally knowing my caseload so I can finally start working with my little ones!  Had dinner that night with my fantastic group of lady friends.  They seriously keep me going and make me laugh all the time.  Just wish we could get together more often (some have worse schedules than I do)!

I spent Friday making up students that were either absent on Thursday or we skipped for some reason or another.  After school, I volunteered at my daughters' school for their Fun Fair.  I was only supposed to stay from 6:30 - 7:15.  I finally got home at 8:45!  Totally for a good cause and my girls had fun!

Softball game for my oldest and Septemberfest parade for my youngest.  Seriously can't wait until we can do something together as a family again!  Also, sorry to say I watched Notre Dame lose to Michigan.  Great game though!

Ahhhh, caught up (just a little, you don't even want to see my laundry pile)!

So I am taking a moment to be in the moment and think about what I am doing Currently.

Pretty self-explanatory.  Thanks to Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this great linky.  This monthly self-check helps keep me "in the moment" which was one of my back to school goals!

Have a great week all!


  1. LOL! I am the same way with clothes. I have so much of them I have to do laundry alllll the time. =) I'm your newest follower, drop by.

    Just Wild About Teaching

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Can't wait to check out your blog too! Thanks for stopping by!