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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sight Word Assessments - Now Editable!

I have been working very hard lately, trying to get back into the swing of blogging and creating/updating products for this lil' ole' store of mine.  The weather has finally started to turn around here in the burbs and the snow is almost gone.

I recently made all of my Dolch sight word assessment packs Editable!  You can read about this product in my original post HERE.  That post describes how I use the different parts of the pack.  I have added a few things to the product since that post, but basically it boils down to this.

Each of the packs come with flashcards.  There is one blank set of flashcards where you can add your own words.

The word wall pieces are great to use on your white board for some center work or on a bulletin board.  There is also a blank page of popcorn for you to add your own words.

The bookmarks are used by students to read through in their book boxes.  Some teachers (me included) have laminated them and used them to assess.  Some even put them on rings to put in their guided reading basket to spot check students on their sight word knowledge.  There is a blank form of the bookmarks also editable for you to add extra words.

I added this page for those of us who might have a writer's notebook or something like that.  This is a great reference with all of the words on one page.  Students can use them to refer to when they are writing in journals or during writer's workshop.

For my other assessment packs I have writer's notebook pages that are cumulative all of the Dolch sight word lists.

There are 3 different assessments.  One is a quarterly assessment to show progress for each quarter, a trimesterly assessment if you happen to be on trimesters like our district is, and a progress monitoring assessment.  Each of these also comes in a blank (not editable) form for you to add your own words.

The certificates are great for the celebration once your students know all of the sight words!

The above pictures are for the pre-primer pack only, but all of the packs are now editable!  Click on the pictures below to be taken to my store to purchase.  They will all be 20% off for the next 2 days!




Now, off to Indiana this weekend for a 6th grade girls basketball tournament.  Go Blue Devils!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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