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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's My Schedule?

I am linking up today with Susan over at TGIF! - Thank God It's First Grade.  She has a great linky there asking us all to link up our daily schedules.  She was curious when her move from one state to another got her thinking about how different all of our schedules could possibly be and we essentially have the same job:  to educate children!  Her linky is called What's Your Schedule?

She might not have had a specialist teacher in mind when setting this up, but I also get very curious as to what other literacy specialists' schedules look like!  Do you pull small groups all day?  Do you coach all day?  Do you do a little bit of both?  How is it structured?

So here is what mine looks like.

I know that it probably covers up half of my sidebar, but I wanted to make it big enough so you could actually see it.  My 40-something eyes already have the no-line trifocals!

I also have a reading teacher who is at our school for one hour a day.  She sees a group of 3rd grade students and a group of first grade students.

As you can see, most of my job is being a pull-out reading teacher.  I try to do as much coaching as I can.  However, most of that has to be done through professional development at staff meetings, conversations in the hallway, or someone coming up to me saying that they want to know more about or try something that they haven't done before and need help.

I jokingly said that the stress of this year has helped me to lose weight.  Now looking at the schedule, I think I just don't have time to eat!  My 30 minute lunches are all working lunches so I can plan what I need to do for the afternoon or next day, look at recent assessments, plan the parent or paraprofessional run intervention program, looking at data, etc!  My waistline loves being busy, but now I have no time to buy new pants!

I would love to hear what other reading specialists' schedules look like.  Link up with Susan so I can see how y'all spend your time!

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